Clarity X Courage Stack

Clarity X Courage Stack

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Our 'Clarity Bracelet' represents a clear vision and purpose that finds its way into your daily life each day. Having a clear purpose in life is something almost everyone seeks to find. Only by accepting and respecting yourself can you ever find such purpose. Wear this bracelet as a constant reminder of the purpose or vision in life that resides within you everyday.

Our 'Courage Bracelet' should be worn to act as a reminder of the strength and bravery that lies within you. Look to your bracelet in times of difficulty and hardship to help you overcome the obstacles that are trying to bring you down and dampen your spirit. By recognising your strengths you can do and become anything you want. 

You will receive 2 bracelets: 1 Clarity bracelet & 1 Courage bracelet. You will also receive cards explaining the meanings of this bracelet stack!

Sizes; Small (7 inches / 18cm) fits most females. Medium (7.5 inches / 19cm) fits most males.
Material; Sea sediment jasper & matte agate stone.

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